Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Making Bows

 I discovered a tool (thanks a lot Joy ;) ) to help make perfect bows every time.  And now I'm obsessed with making them.  So of course I will have bows on my Christmas cards this year.  (I have to or I might be smothered with the amount I've been making.)

The tool is called Bow Easy and I found it at www.clearbagsrus.com.  It makes 7 different sizes of bows (the smallest are my favorite right now) and you can have single loops or as many as you want.  There are 3 loops in these bows.   The instructions that come with it are awful but I found a bunch of videos on you tube to figure it out.  It's really simple once you understand it.  Really!

I wrapped the red ribbon around the smallest size.  Then put the end through the small hole at the top of the slit and pull it around and through the loop.  Clear as mud?  It's really hard to explain.  You need to see it on a you tube video for it to make sense.  But trust me, it really is simple.

This picture shows what it looks like once you pull on the end and it creates a knot.  Look like a bow?  Just trim the ends and pull it off of the tool.  Beware, all of my projects are going to have bows now.

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