Friday, July 18, 2014

MOPS Crafts

Name Tag

I became involved in MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) last year and this year I have the honor of coming up with the crafts for the group.  I think that it will be challenging to come up with things that everyone will be interested in, that all crafting abilities can complete, and within a very small budget.  It is so important for moms to feel like they have accomplished something and have fun doing it.

The first craft of the year is going to be name tags for everyone to use throughout the year.  The theme for MOPS this year is "be you bravely" and has a feather in the logo.  So I came up with this for a name tag and even incorporated the feather.

I used the CTMH artiste cartridge to cut out 2 shapes from page 50 (the rectangular shapes that look strange).  Then attached them together and did an accordion fold along the dashed lines and then attach the other ends.  You will then have a cylinder and here is the tricky part.  Set it upright and then squish the top down into the middle until it forms the circle.  You will then need to immediately hot glue a piece of paper to keep it in this shape.  I also glued a cut out on the back for a pin to attach to.  Then just decorate as you like.  These are very sturdy and I think that they will hold up all year.


The second craft that I have planned for the year is a necklace with our logo on it.

I've seen metal stamped necklaces around lately and decided to look into it.  Like I need another hobby!  But I came up with this simple and inexpensive necklace for the group.  I am going to hand stamp the logo onto washers from the hardware store.  Then everyone will color black sharpie marker onto the words to darken them and then clean them up.  Next, everyone can pick out ribbon and a bead and assemble the necklace.  I'm hoping that it will be a hit.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Horse Swing

Woodworking project

I haven't been able to post any projects lately because I've been exploring my other hobbies.  I love woodworking but haven't had the time with 2 little kids.  I needed a birthday gift for my niece so I thought that this was a great excuse to get my tools out once again.

My niece just turned 2 and I thought that she would love a new swing.  My son also loved it (above) so I need to make another one.  I found the plans from The Windfield Collection and they were so easy to follow.  I used my bandsaw to cut out the seat and body.  Then rounded over the edges with a router.  The handle and foot rest were dowel rods.  Then I assembled it and added the mane and tail.  All of the kids loved it and someone was on it at all times during the birthday party.

I am also in the middle of building a swingset for my kids.  Here is my son helping me out.