Monday, November 11, 2013

A big Thank You to our Veterans

My little one enjoyed the Veteran's Day parade and saluted the soldiers as they walked past.  Thank You to our Veterans for everything you have done for our country!

Now on to crafting!  Still busy here getting ready for a craft show.  I've made a bunch of new cards but haven't had time to take pics yet.  So here is another decorated cup.  I love decorating with vinyl!  There are so many possibilities.  If you are new to vinyl, do a search on you tube for a few tutorials.  It's really easy.  I promise.

 I used the create a critter cartridge for this cute reindeer and Christmas lights.


  1. So cute...awesome Christmas gifts...if you don't mind me asking what pressure did you use for the vinyl?

  2. Thanks! I set blade, pressure, and speed to 3. However, last week I put in a new blade and it cut right through the vinyl backing. So I adjusted the pressure to 2 and it worked. Just play around a bit. Good luck.