Sunday, September 7, 2014

Build a Bear mini album

My daughter made a Build A Bear for her 3rd birthday thanks to her Aunt Krista.  Even though she was as quiet as a mouse during the experience, she was thrilled when we got home and told everyone the story for months.  I recorded her telling the story to document this special event in her life.  I later made her this mini album of her retelling the story in her own words.

The album is from bind-it-all and has a chipboard cover.  I made the bear, from the Bears On Parade cartridge, to look like our very own Sparkle Bear.  The design of the album is a little simplistic to mirror the language of a 3 year old.

We sat on a chair and waited for Sara, Emma, Emma's friend, and Aunt Krista.  I want the purple bear.  I put her on the bear machine and step on the button.

I pushed the heart buttons with my fingers.  Step on the button with my feet.  It made noise.  I put a lt of hearts in her.  I kissed the heart.

I give her a bath and brush her.  I step on the button the bathtub and make bubble sounds.  The paw brush was yellow. 

Next is Hello Kitty panties, get blue clothes, Hello Kitty purse.  I get the bow.

 Then go on the computer and name her Sparkle.  Then get a house.  A gingerbread one.

 Take pictures on the bench.  Then go to Grandma's house and show Daddy and Grandma.  I love Sparkle.  I love my friends.

The pages of the album are bound with wire from bind it all and the last page which is a thick plastic is also included in the binding.  The page slips into the back pocket of the chipboard cover.  This makes a really nice mini album.  It also makes a little girl feel really special to have her own book.  

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