Monday, September 15, 2014

Tools Birthday Party Invite - embossing

Happy Birthday to my little Connor Man.  He loves tools and "helping" Daddy and Papa fix things. So it was an easy decision to pick tools as the theme for his 2nd birthday.  Here is the invite to the big celebration.

Handy Man cricut cartridge was used to make all of the tool elements inside and out of the invitation.

I wanted to make a steel plated look to the front of the invitation.  Silver paper at the craft store was too expensive to make many invitations so I came up with an alternative.  For some strange reason, I have a lot of foil tape (for sealing duct work) laying around my house.  It's not wide enough but it is adhesive.  So I figured out a plan. 

I cut 5 inch strips and taped them together on the back.  Then I was able to run it through the embosser as one piece.  I then peeled each piece and placed it on the card, making sure to line up the embossed pattern.

 Thanks to some help from other posts on pinterest, I put together this message inside the invitation.  And yes, I am the foreman.

Stay tuned for more projects from the party and pics of the birthday boy.

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  1. Oh this invite is just too cute!!! I love the embossed tape, clever and looks great. Hugs Brenda