Friday, October 24, 2014

House Tent

Thanks for joining me today.  I was to create a project with a chevron pattern in it for the My Cricut Craftroom Design Team.  Instead of creating a paper project like I usually do, I decided to incorporate chevrons into my current sewing project.  But I was still able to use my cricut to cut out the flowers for the garden.  This is a house tent that I made for my daughter.

I found the inspiration for this project from another post on pinterest.  The post mentioned they made their creation from a pattern from McCall's M6369.  Unfortunately, this pattern is out of print.  So I used the pictures and small amount of information on the McCall's website to help create my project.

The house fits over my dining room table(the original pattern was for a folding card table).  I cut out pieces of tulle to create the windows and door.  I sewed bias tape all around it and through the center.  Not sure how it will hold up to kids playing but we'll give it a try.

I also created the door like the windows.  Then I sewed the door and windows onto the sides of the house and then carefully cut out the purple fabric to leave just the window/door showing.

Time to decorate! Who knew that you could cut fabric on the cricut?  Apparently a lot of people.  After watching a few quick videos, I was ready to decorate.  First I ironed Heat N Bond to the back of my fabric.

The fabric cut like butter in the cricut.  I would recommend a new blade and the mat does not need to be a super sticky one.  I used a newly conditioned mat and the Heat N Bond backing stuck too strong and really took a lot of work to clean.

It was so easy to iron on the cut pieces to create the flower boxes and my own little flower garden.

Time to let the kids in!

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