Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kid Valentines

My daughter needed Valentines for her preschool class and what kind of a crafting mom would I be if I went out and bought them at the store?  So we made them together!  Although she probably would have loved the Doc McStuffin's ones that I saw.  But there will be other Valentine's parties.

So this year I came up with this simple design.  I cut card stock and embossed it with the heart designs. She did help for a few but lost interest in this real fast.  I cut out the shapes on the cricut and she stamped the images.  Which is why most of them aren't lined up.  But that's what mades it homemade by a 4 year old!  She even glued some of the sentiments upside down.

She needed 16 for school plus a couple for cousins so we only did a few each day.  This kept it interesting for her.  Also, she started out doing a whole step like put the adhesive on the cut out and put it on the card.  But after a few, I added the adhesive to keep her interested.

The heart stamp is an old Stamp of the month stamp and is no longer available.  However, the Happy Valentine's Day stamp came from Holiday Tags and is available and coordinates with the Artiste cartridge.  It's my go to stamp set lately.

Holiday Tags

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